Welcome to Lukelys where you will find a unique range of personally designed and handcrafted jewellery in recycled fine silver and sterling silver, with the addition of vitreous glass enamels and semi-precious gemstones

I like my pieces to be as unique and individual as possible so you won't see the same items replicated in every jewellery store. For that reason I don't use any commercially bought texture stamps or templates, but prefer to make my own. My inspiration comes from the world around me and anything that touches my life, and living on a rural island surrounded by beaches has a huge influence on my work.

In buying a piece of Lukelys jewellery you are buying something as individual and unique as you are, made with love and sold with pride.

I live and work on the beautiful Isle of Wight, an area of England that prides itself on being an "eco-island", so all my jewellery is handcrafted in recycled materials, using a combination of traditional and modern methods. The methods used are chosen to have minimal environmental impact and no toxic chemicals are used.

All packaging is made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

Your piece of jewellery is therefore as eco-friendly as I can make it!


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